About the Author

Eston Roberts is now retired and lives in Cedar Mountain, in the glorious mountains of Transylvania County, North Carolina.  From his little red cabin, he enjoys living out his lifetime dream of writing and entertains the idea of truly being “a friend to man.”

metaphor book signingEston E. Roberts was born in New Orleans in 1932. Carl Daniel Roberts, Eston’s father, was a magazine salesman, so the family moved often.  After his father abandoned him, his sister, and their mother, they settled in a small town called Damascus in rural southwestern Georgia.  His mother, Arthurlene Sutton Roberts, got remarried to James C. West, who was a small farmer and master of many trades.  Eston was thus raised on a one-horse farm with plenty of hard work and rigor.  When his step-father got upset with Eston’s lack of skills around the farm, Eston eventually replied, “I don’t care.  I don’t plan to be a farmer anyway!”  True to his words, he ended up an English teacher, writer, and philosopher.

When he was nine years old, Eston published his first poem, “My Conscience,” in the Miller County newspaper.  Despite many other publications in adulthood, his Pentacostal mother swore to her dying day that this first was his finest poem ever.  Eston once considered becoming a preacher and pursued that possibility at Berry College in Mount Berry, Georgia, for two years before reading Tom Paine’s Common Sense, which redirected his attentions.

In 1953, Roberts received his Bachelor of Arts in English, then joined the Marines, for reasons unknown to him then or now.  Where he came from, getting drafted meant being a coward, so his guess in retrospect is that perhaps signing up tested his manhood somehow.  However, some valuable lessons were learned, such as that excuses do not matter so much as responsibility and actions.  This has since shaped his writing.

Once discharged from the military, Roberts married Dorothy Herrington of Westfield, New Jersey.  He started graduate school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After graduation, he took a teaching position at Brevard College in Brevard, NC, where he also became Dean of Men, then Dean of Students.

Along the way, Eston and Dorothy had five children, then divorced after 27 years of marriage.  Eston left Brevard College and worked for five years at Telamon Corporation in Raleigh, NC, as Coordinator of Youth Employment and Training before accepting a position as counselor at Wilson Opportunities Industrialization Center in Wilson, NC.  For nine years, he thoroughly enjoyed this job as one of the most meaningful of his career.  That position heavily influenced Roberts in the writing of his philosophical novel, White in the Moon.