Metamorphosos: A Proposed Path to Independent Living

Metamorphosos: A Proposed Path to Independent Living

Roberts’ latest book is Metamorphosos: A Proposed Path to Independent Living. This is a book that can change your life–not only your individual life, but the very society of which you are a part.

Metamorphosos proposes an extended form of metaphor that is responsible for everything existing on earth and in the universe. Matter is a product of it, as is all life forms, all forms of art, science, and mathematics–even the essence of human beings, self-concept. Individuals, the book proposes, can assume responsibility for development of the metaphor that is self concept, and the procedures for so doing are provided–based on the concept that everything existing in the universe is driven by survival. Recognition of this reality will free us to be humans in charge of our own destiny.

Support for the concepts undergirding the philosophy of metaphor has been carefully researched and documented, and it is hoped that case studies and life histories presented will be helpful to the reader in identifying with and understanding the precepts argued for here. Metamorphosos is not meant to be an easy book–the elements treated here embrace many aspects of philosophy, the questions of human consciousness, and the motives behind our creation of art, health, and religion.

This book aims at making its readers thoughtful and contributing members of a world deeply in need of change.

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