metaphor bookAuthor Eston Roberts, originally from New Orleans and rural Georgia, now resides near Brevard, NC, in Cedar Mountain.

Roberts’ writings revolve around his core philosophy that all reality is derived from metaphor—be it actual, as represented in the material world, or ideational, as in the form of mental constructs.  He loves to engage with readers and thinkers, discussing philosophies of life and how to live one’s life as fully and authentically as possible.

Readers who want to explore the deeper questions of life, to be thoughtfully challenged, as well as to be entertained, will enjoy Roberts’ writings.

Roberts’ latest book is Metamorphosos: A Proposed Path to Independent Living, which proposes an extended form of metaphor that is responsible for everything existing on earth and in the universe. This is a book that can change your life–not only your individual life, but the very society of which you are a part.

His writings include a collection of poetry, Daguerreotypes of People, Place, and Time (2006),  a novel, White in the Moon (2007), and another volume of poetry called Poems of Purpose (2011).


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